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Digging Deeper – October 7, 2022

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14 And he said, ‘The God of our fathers appointed you to know his will, to see the Righteous One and to hear a voice from his mouth; 15 for you will be a witness for him to everyone of what you have seen and heard. 16 And now why do you wait? Rise and be baptized and wash away your sins, calling on his name.’

Acts 22:14-16


Paul’s Testimony

This passage picks up Paul’s journey to Rome as he is presenting to the Jews following his arrest because of his ministry. In previous verses, Paul is begging for the opportunity to speak to the group that is responsible for his arrest. He is finally given the opportunity and these verses are a part of his speech.

In his opportunity to speak, Paul shares his testimony. He shares the story of how the Righteous One, Jesus Christ, met Paul and changed everything. He tells the story of how God appointed it for Paul to know his will and that he met Jesus and it changed him! But for what purpose?

Verse 15 tells us that it is for him to be a witness to everyone of what he has seen and heard! What is ironic is that as Paul is recounting this story to his Jewish captors, he is in fact fulfilling this verse as he is witnessing to everyone of what he has seen and what he has heard about Jesus.

I pray for us today that we too would witness to what we have seen and heard of Jesus. As we see the goodness of God, we would witness to the goodness of God. As we taste of the grace of God, that we will witness to the grace of God! To our family, friends, and strangers we are called to witness to the gospel.

It’s the best news in the world.



Reflect on your testimony today. How would you sum it up in three minutes?



Our Father,

Thank you for your Word. We pray that by your Spirit, Acts 22:14-16 would change us into the likeness of Christ. We praise you for your saving grace, that we have been made new in Christ. We ask for the opportunity to witness to what we have seen and what we have heard of you. Help us this day to be mindful of those who don’t know Christ and how we can serve them.  We pray all these things in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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