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Digging Deeper – September 8, 2021

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The apostles testified powerfully to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus…

Acts 4:33 (NLT)





Graffiti from the 1800s discovered by workers renovating the Washington Monument has quite a different tone from that usually found today on the sides of buildings and subway cars. “Whoever is the human instrument under God in the conversion of one soul, erects a monument to his own memory more lofty and enduring than this,” reads the inscription which can now be viewed by visitors to the monument. It is signed by BFB. No one knows who that is, or who left the small drawings and 19th century dates on other walls. The markings in the lobby of the monument were covered over when it was decorated at the turn of the century. They were found when workers removed marble wainscoting as part of a year-long $500,000 renovation. (Spokesman-Review)


The New Testament church left a mark on the world that will never be forgotten. They shared about Jesus “powerfully.” In the original language the word “powerfully” was mega-power which describes the inherent ability within the apostles, a supernatural power provided by the Spirit, which allowed them to accomplish supernaturally what they could not accomplish naturally. The tense of testified implies they kept on testifying with power.



The New Testament church continued to give so others could learn about God’s grace through Jesus Christ. Our church has given countless dollars over the years to continue what they started. We want as many people as possible to hear about the resurrection of Jesus and the gift of salvation. When you give to the church do you ever stop and think about who might hear the gospel as a result of your giving?



Praise God for His supernatural power. Ask God to allow our church to continue to have a powerful impact on this community in Jesus name.

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