Internship Program

NorthStar Internships are designed to give college students a look into what ministry in the church is like. If you feel called to full-time ministry or think you might want to see what full-time ministry is like, we have internships in multiple areas that would be right for you!

Internship Program

We are committed to empowering students to do the work of Christ.

Ministry Areas

  • Children’s Ministry
  • Student Ministry
  • College Ministry
  • Worship Ministry
  • Creative & Production


Interns must be one year out of high school and in a degree program either online or on a campus. School credit can be offered depending on the major.

Fall Semester: Deadline is June 26, 2023.


Application Process

1. Submit Application Online

Form is in the above section.

2. Interview Process

Meet with your internship program director in person or by phone.

3. References

Provide three (3) References.

4. Background Check

A background check is performed on the applicant.

5. Invitation

Church officially invites applicant to our internship program.