Our Passion

Making a Difference Around the World

NorthStar Church missions trips help us connect with others as we partner together to build the Kingdom of God. Join us and help make a difference as we share in what God is doing around the world!

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a great place to start missions. Although you feel you are in a foreign country you really are still in North America. No Passport needed. You can still find stores and things you might need on the trip.

Food is fantastic and it is truly beautiful. Puerto Rico has been wrecked by hurricane Maria and the last earthquake.

September 26 - October 3, 2021
(Iglesia Bautista El Mesias in Juana Diaz)

Missions Behind the Scenes

Stitch and Nail

This is missions group that will be making projects to help those in poor countries. One of the first projects will be making a women’s hygiene kit to be taken to countries overseas. You don’t need to be able to sew because we have folding, ironing and putting kits together. All materials are furnished. These kits will then be used to teach the women how to make them giving them a skill.

We’ll begin meeting on Tuesday, February 11, then the second
Tuesday every month from 1 – 4pm in the Compass Theater.

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