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Basement and Ceiling

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Basement and Ceiling

by Jason Romano


Better to be lowly in spirit with the oppressed than to share plunder with the proud.

Proverbs 16:19


Recently I had lunch with my good friend Gerry. He and I have worked together for many years during my time at ESPN, and not only was Gerry a great colleague, but he was a great friend and mentor as well.

I would often find myself scheduling one hour meetings with Gerry just to sit and learn and listen to his wisdom. He was always so encouraging to me and provided me with amazing opportunities on my broadcasting journey.

At lunch that rainy Monday, Gerry and I were talking about some of the different traits that bosses we both had over the years possessed. Some had traits that we both wanted to emulate. Others, not as much.

And then Gerry said the money quote that I, of course, jotted down and wanted to share with you all.

“Ability is the basement. Character is the ceiling.”

When he said that, I had to ask him to repeat it because I thought it was so good. Our ability is what we can work at, but if our character isn’t where it needs to be, then the ability doesn’t even matter.

In our walk with God, that is also true. We can say we believe in God and go to church every Sunday, but if we’re treating others terribly, living a self-centered life, and not loving people the way God calls us to do, then the fruit of the spirit isn’t living in us and I would question if that walk with the Lord is even real.

This week, live by the words of my friend Gerry and remember to be more concerned with the content of our character as we love and serve others.

Have a great week.





Jason Romano is a speaker, author, media consultant and church leader with over 20 years of professional broadcasting experience on the regional and network level. Jason is now the host and producer of the Sports Spectrum podcast where he interviews athletes, coaches, and other personalities on the intersection of sports and faith.




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