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A Day at the Lake

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“Later that same day Jesus left the house and sat beside the lake.”

Matthew 13:1


Have you ever had a long day? Maybe you were bombarded at work, or people were pulling at you relentlessly, or you had to put out non-stop fires throughout the day. Appearing like the day would never end. You simply wanted to dial it back for the day, relax and rest. That is the kind of day Jesus faced in Matthew chapter 12 (it is worth reading). After a long day serving, healing and teaching, He left the house and went to sit by the lake.


However, needs never end. Where there are people, there are needs: Physical needs, emotional needs, relational needs, financial needs, occupational needs and spiritual needs. Jesus had a long long day and He got away by the lake to get some R & R. But word got out where He was, and a “large crowd” gathered around Him quickly, clearly wanting Jesus to meet their needs.


Notice Jesus’s response. He didn’t get mad or angry or send the large crowd away thinking only about Himself. No! He got into a boat, pushed out into the water, and taught the people standing on the shoreline (in the form of parables). So you might be asking, what is a parable? I’m glad you asked. You see, a parable is an everyday story the listeners can relate to. It illustrates a moral or spiritual lesson. It is meant to reveal truth to those who will listen and receive it—but also to conceal truth from those who reject it or deny it. It is designed to teach one main truth.


If you are a disciple, a follower of Jesus Christ, then you are a “Minister.” The word “Minister” simply means “Servant.” To minister to someone means to serve them. I’m not sure what you’re having to face or endure in your life today. However, you are called to be the “hands and feet” of Jesus. He deeply desires to live His life through you. He wants to use you to impact, influence and serve the needs of people all around you who are hopeless; like sheep without a shepherd. He wants to use you to change the world. Listen closely to the words of my good friend, Dr. Ike Reighard:


“The great doors of opportunity swing on little hinges called obedience.”


Wow! What a great truth. Be obedient today. Stay focused on the mission. Say no to some good things—so you can say yes to the best things. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. He will take care of the rest, and provide just what you need.


Be Worth Being,





Kevin Burrell has worked in professional baseball as both a player and MLB scout for the past 39 years, and currently serves as an area scouting supervisor. Kevin was drafted in the 1st round of the 1981 free agent amateur draft (25th selection overall), and played ten years of professional baseball with four different organizations. He and his wife, Valerie, live in Sharpsburg, Ga. 



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