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Glory Reflector

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Glory Reflector

by Jason Romano


“For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ.” – 2 Corinthians 4:6

A few weeks ago, I was in Atlanta covering the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams preparing for Super Bowl LIII. As I spoke to Patriots team chaplain Jack Easterby and a few of their players, I kept hearing the words “glory reflector” come up. As Jack said in our podcast interview, “We are to be glory reflectors and It starts with the two commands, love God and love your neighbor.”

Being a glory reflector to me means living out my life to show others the hope I have within me by the way that I love others. That hope for me has been the same for the past 18 years, the hope found in my faith.

But that whole “loving others” thing truly is the hard part, especially with those that we don’t “like.”

But as we go about being glory reflectors, we must remember what Jesus says in the Bible, love our neighbor as ourselves. Not just the neighbor we like, or the neighbor that is rich, the neighbor that has it all, the neighbor that loves us back. No, he says to love everyone the same, because that’s what God does for us every single day. He sees us all equal.

The way we live will always speak louder than any words we say. Imagine if the way we went about our lives shined a light so brightly that others couldn’t resist the love that only Christ can bring. That’s exactly the life that Jesus wanted us to live, as glory reflectors.

This week, go love your neighbor and be a glory reflector.

Have a great week.



Jason Romano is a speaker, author, media consultant and church leader with over 20 years of professional broadcasting experience on the regional and network level. Jason is now the host and producer of the Sports Spectrum podcast where he interviews athletes, coaches, and other personalities on the intersection of sports and faith.




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