Student Associate/Girls Discipleship

40 hours a week | Full-Time Salary + Benefits

Job Description


  • Articulates and evidences a clear call from God to student ministry
  • Is committed long-term to NorthStar and its student ministry

Personal Life

  • Believes in the authority of God’s Word in life and ministry
  • Demonstrates a commitment to living a morally pure life


  • Humble, Hungry and Smart
  • A lover of people who leads by example
  • Demonstrates initiative in both her work & in personal/spiritual growth
  • Can easily relate to students and parents of different backgrounds


  • Demonstrates an attitude of evangelism and discipleship
  • Displays strength in coaching, discipleship, shepherding, and wisdom
  • Relates to staff, volunteers, and students in a culturally relevant way


Program Leadership

  • Be visible, available, and approachable at every youth event and at church-wide events
  • Teach when requested and needed
  • Help with HSM groups and Middle School Squads
  • Support, and coordination of events and volunteers
  • Assist in planning and/or leading all camps and retreats
  • Assist with service programming as needed
  • Work with High School, Middle School pastors to design future goals discipleship ministry for student/girls

Contact and Outreach

  • Work personally (as well as through staff and volunteers) to ensure that all middle school and high school girls are cared for by the church.
  • Move students through the discipleship process – (Foundations, baptism classes)
  • Find innovative ways to reach the un-churched students of our community, in partnership with parents and other ministries of the church and community:
    • Personally
    • By events and programs
    • By exposure at other schools (chapel talks, lunch, and sports visits)
    • By training NorthStar female students to effectively relate to their unchurched friends
    • Develop outreach plan of service to community

Submit resumes and questions to our Chief of Staff, Stephanie Ford.