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A Reminder about Year-End Giving

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This year has been a tremendous year for us at NorthStar.  We are now DEBT FREE!!!  Praise the Lord for that.  Also, a huge THANK YOU to you guys for staying the course with us to finally pay that off.  We are now able to bless this community in big ways.

With only a few days untilthis year ends, I want to remind you of the laws regarding giving as it relates to taxes.  We are allowed to give credit to any gift that is received or post marked on or before December 31, 2018.  This does not mean a check that is dated 12/31/2018, it has to have the official post mark on the envelope addressed to NorthStar.

Of course, you can always give online up to 11:59pm on 12/31/2018 through our APP or at www.northstarchurch.org/giving   And we will have six services for Christmas Eve (12/23 @ 9:30am & 11am or 12/24 @ 2:00pm, 3:15, 4:45 & 6pm) where the baskets will be passed.

You can also donate stock to NorthStar and receive a tax deduction for that if you itemize.  Email me @ [email protected] for details on how to do that.

So those are ways you can contribute to all the good things happening at NorthStar.  If you are wondering what some of those things are you can also look at the giving page on our website (referenced above) to see what we are doing with our BeBold program.

If you are receiving this email and you have moved away from our area or just moved to another church in our area you can respond to me here and I will get you removed from our roles.

That is all for now.  I wish you all a great Christmas and a safe, prosperous, God seeking 2019.

Jamie Maddox
Administrative Pastor


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