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Our apprentice program is designed to...
Prepare men and women to serve in full-time ministry.  The program will not only expose them to daily life within ministry, but show them what it can look like with a focus on community, and the values of NorthStar Church of loving God, loving people, and living sent.

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our apprenticeship Process

The goal for our Apprentice program is for young men and women to have an understanding of what daily life is like within the context of a life in ministry.  Apprentices will be in a two-year program that will allow them to serve in a specific ministry, that will continue to develop their technical skills along with growing their leadership capacity.  Apprentices must be at least 21 years of age, and either in their final semester of college or have completed their degree program.
Summer Semester: Deadline is May 1, 2020
Fall Semester: Deadline is July 27, 2020


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To apply, click HERE to fill out the application.


Interview Process

Once we've received your application, we will schedule a time to meet with our apprentice program director in person or by phone.



We ask that you provide at least three (3) references. These can be either personal or professional references.


Background check

A background check will be performed for each applicant in order for our church to stay in compliance since apprentices may interact with children and students.



The final step of the Apprenticeship process is the official offer from NorthStar Church to join our Apprentice Program.

Apprentice Program