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Better together...
You are designed to do life in community with other people, and at NorthStar Church, there are many opportunities to get connected and experience the joy of being a part of a church family! Whether it's finding a small group, serving on a volunteer team, publicly declaring your faith through baptism, or becoming a member of the church, there's a Next Step awaiting you on your journey, and we'd love to help!

Get Involved

Death to Life


Baptism is a public announcement of your experience of coming to faith in Jesus, dying to your old way apart from God and becoming a new person in Christ through the Holy Spirit’s presence in you.
Join the Church


Perhaps you’ve been attending NorthStar for a little while, and you’re ready to take the next step and find out what it means to be a member of the church. This is a 3-week class that happens on Sunday mornings at 11:30AM.
Circles, Not Rows

Small Groups

True life change happens in the context of relationships. Small Groups provide an opportunity for you to engage with a group of people who you can be real with. Everyone needs a group to grow, so join or lead one that matches your passions.
Find Your Place

Serve With Us

Our Volunteer Team is a group of incredible people that have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them.
Impacting People


We are an outward-focused church and your generosity is making a big difference.


Perhaps you’ve been attending NorthStar for a little while, and you’re ready to take the next step and find out what it means to be a member of the church. This is a 2-week class that happens on Sunday mornings at 11:30AM.
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Love God

Learn about the core values, beliefs, and mission of NorthStar.

Love People

Discover the various ways you can get involved and make meaningful connections with other people who call NorthStar HOME.

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Explore the different ministries and programs we offer to serve our community and beyond.
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Where can I serve?

At NorthStar, we offer many opportunities where you can use your God given gifts to serve others. We want to help you find the right Ministry for you; you may either browse through our current opportunities, or click on the link "Help me choose" so we can help find the best fit for you.
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Kids Large Group


Be the first face to greet our NorthStar Families in our NorthStar Kids check in areas!

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Story teller

Present the Bible story in fun and exciting ways in one of our Kids worship venues. This role is scheduled once a month for all three services.

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Worship Leader

Love to sing? We’d love to invite you to lead our kids in fun and engaging songs. This role is scheduled once a month for all three services.

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Are you silly and love to have fun? Our Kids Large group actors lead our worship environments in games and silly skits to help emphasize the Bible lesson. This role is scheduled once a month for all three services.

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Our Kids venues have a very easy tech set up to help make our large group worship services fun and engaging. This role is scheduled once a month for all three services and we train you on everything you need to know.

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Weekday volunteer

Being a Weekday Volunteer is an awesome opportunity for those who can’t serve on Sunday mornings, but still seek to make a meaningful impact in the lives of our students! This includes, but is not limited to, prepping crafts, setting up classrooms, reorganizing, etc.

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Kids patrol

Dads or grandads, do you want to serve in our kids area? Serve once a month for all three services as our safety team, ensuring that our our kids hallways are safe on Sunday mornings.

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Birth - Preschool

Nursery Leader

Enjoy an hour of snuggles, worship, 5 min bible stories, and lots of smiles! All of our leaders in these rooms are background checked and trained to help keep kids safe while parents and caregivers attend a service.

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two's + 3/4 Leader

Engage in craft time, worship, bible stories, and dive deeper into weekly lessons in a small group setting. Each week, the curriculum and materials are all prepared for you, all you need to do is read over the lesson prior to Sunday mornings and come ready to teach little ones about Jesus!

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Hall director

Help our Preschool Director oversee each room during the service by checking on leaders, pushing the buggy, welcoming new families, and moving leaders around to accommodate each room based on the number of kids each week. You will also be available to jump into a room when we need extra hands.

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Elementary (K-5th)

Small group leader

Each Sunday these leaders, along with 1-3 other volunteers, will walk students through a pre-service activity, a main lesson, discussion questions, and prayer time. While the aim of this program is educational, these leaders also have the unique opportunity to build community, foster friendships, and encourage growth as children begin their walk with Jesus!

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Hall Director

Hall directors work as a liaison between volunteers and NorthStar staff to communicate any needs that arise while also making our hallway a safe and welcoming place! This role is an awesome position for those gifted in administration or for individuals that seek to serve in children’s ministry in a non-teaching role.

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Hangout leader

Leaders assist a smaller group of students (5-10 children) through a time of prayer and various community service activities. Children in this space have already attended an hour of programming so the hope is that during this time, deeper conversations about the weeks lesson will be had and students will begin to develop a love for serving as they fellowship together.

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Special Needs

kids classroom buddy

Leaders in our alternative classrooms interact with the kids through sensory play and facilitate our video based Bible story curriculum and crafts. You may also serve as a buddy and attend typical kids ministry services with a child.

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Youth classroom

Hang out with our youth students with special needs in a fun-filled environment. Facilitate a faith based discussion after a video Bible lesson.

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youth Buddy

Leaders who serve as buddies attend our typical environment with a participant and help them to participate in Sunday morning activities.

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The Gather ministry is an adult small group for individuals with special needs. In this group, we dive deeper into the Bible and talk about Christian leadership, serving, our spiritual gifts, and more. Our mission is to create community and friendship for adults with special needs in a Spirit-filled environment.

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Adult Wednesday AM Group

As an extension of our Sunday morning Gather group, we meet at NorthStar to fellowship and do community projects together.

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Volunteer at any of our events designed to cater to individuals with special needs. (Night to Shine, Pop-Up camp, Respite Nights)

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Family support

Volunteer and assist with making phone calls, preparing meals, doing laundry, etc for a family with needs.

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Middle + High School

Sunday AM Leader (MS)

Leaders build relationships in a fun and exciting environment to help middle school students feel included and welcomed. The commitment is for Sunday mornings during one of our two service times 10:10 and 11:30. Leader meetings are 30 minutes prior to each service.

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Squad coach (MS)

Our “small groups” are student led, meaning that our students are responsible for how the group operates. The Coach’s responsibility is to help the leader succeed with support from the sidelines. The commitment is to attend in person or watch a 678 service online to help facilitate discussion as needed. Squads meet Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 8:00.

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Worship + Production (MS)

Are you a student middle-school-aged or older who is gifted musically and wants to serve God through music? Or maybe you love all things tech? We'd love to connect with you about joining our middle school worship + production team!

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Adult Leader (HS)

HSM’s small groups are the heartbeat of our ministry. Adult leaders play a huge role in the discipleship and development of our students. Our small groups take place at the church from 6:00pm-7:30pm each Sunday night.

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Worship + Production (HS)

Are you a student high-school-aged or older who is gifted musically and wants to serve God through music? Or maybe you love all things tech? We'd love to connect with you about joining our high school worship + production team!

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Green Room Hospitality

Love to cook and have a heart for students? Serve by providing breakfast for our high school and middle school volunteers!

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Hospitality team

The Hospitality team plays a vital role in supporting WAVE.  If you are interested in helping college students find their way home but cannot commit to a consistent serving role, this opportunity is perfect for you! If you would like to join this team, apply below and we will reach out. From there, we will add you to a list that we reach out to on an as-needed basis.

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Mentors at WAVE serve Sunday nights during the school year from 8-9 pm. On these evenings our college leadership team meets together to talk through the upcoming week then breaks into discipleship groups that are led by adults. Our students desire to have relationships with adults who are further along in life who can provide wisdom, encouragement, and accountability. If you wish to apply for this role, click the link below and we will reach out for an interview.

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Worship food

Each week, we rely on a dedicated team of 12 students who lead us in worship and manage all our technical needs. They arrive to the church at 5 pm and don’t leave until 9:30. We would love to help bless them with dinner every week at 6:15 to sustain through the night. By joining this team, you would sign up to contribute food whenever it is convenient for you.

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Worship + Production

Are you a college student or older who is gifted musically and wants to serve God through music? Or maybe you love all things tech? We'd love to connect with you about joining our college worship + production team!

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Guest Services


You'll welcome our guests with a kind smile and wish them well on their way out.  If positioned at the auditorium doors you'll also hand out sermon notes.

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venue Host

Greet people as they enter the auditorium and help them to their seat as needed. Put out extra seating as needed.  Help maintain a distraction-free service environment for or guests so they can better pursue God through worship and the message. Pick up trash in auditorium after services.

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crossing guards

Direct traffic flow before and after services by providing a safe and efficient parking experience. Assist in first time guest parking.

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Brew and serve coffee. Keep coffee condiments stocked at bar and keep bar area neat and clean. Clean coffee bar area and pots during the last service.  There are multiple shifts for this team because it is such a big task.  Openers arrive at 7am, mid-shift is at 8:20am and 9:40am, and closers start at 10:30am.

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First time guest host

Greet first time guests in the parking lot.  Assist first time guests in registering children and finding appropriate classrooms.  Man Guest Services desks and answer any questions. 

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Next steps

Are you passionate about helping those who are new to faith and new to church get connected into environments where they can begin to grow and give back to others? If so, we’d love to have you join our Next Steps Team.

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Concierge desk

If you love people – Guest Central is your team. Before and after services you will personally welcome our first time guests and provide a warm hello and a gift.

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Office support

Are you super organized? Use your specialized office, phone, or computer skills to help out during the week.

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Small Groups

Small Group Leader

Do you love people and thrive in a group setting? Use your skills of connection and conversation as a small group leader! Small groups are weekly gatherings of 5-15 people that meet in homes, offices, coffeeshops, and online. They are a place where everyone has the opportunity to learn and study the Bible, grow in faith, make new friends, pray for each other, and do life together.

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Small Group Host

Do you have the gift of hospitality? Do you own or operate a business with meeting space? We would love to partner you with one of our small group leaders to host a small group. Hosts allow the group leaders to focus on the care and support of the group members.

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Group event support

Our Groups ministry, Couples, Mens and Women's, has events throughout the year and can always use volunteers to help with greeting, registration, setting up and tearing down. This is a great way to serve on an as needed basis to help make these events warm and inviting.

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NorthStar Worship

worship team

Serving on the worship team provides a unique opportunity to lead our NorthStar family into the presence of God each week! We love to Worship and we would love to have you! If you’d like to audition, we would love to connect.

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green room hospitality

Our Worship and Production teams work so hard every week to make Sunday happen! They arrive early and stay late and we love to feed them as a thank you! If you have the gift of hospitality and love to cook or provide food then this could be the team for you.

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worship community

Worship Community is an unauditioned group of vocalists that join our Worship Team quarterly. It is a great way to sing and serve at NorthStar!

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lighting operator

Operates the lighting console by choosing pre-programmed lighting settings for worship services. No experience required; training provided.

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propresenter operator

Operates Pro Presenter software during worship services, This software displays song lyrics, message notes, and various other images on the screens in the worship center and online. No experience required; training provided.

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camera operator

Operate the video cameras that help engage people in worship during the service, on our live stream as well as other venues. Some camera experience is helpful, but not required.

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Video director

Responsibilities will include listening to the Live Service Producer, transitioning between camera, graphics, and video playback sources, and executing necessary cues on the Switcher console to help create a seamless, distraction-free worship experience for our guests.

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Audio Engineer

Operates audio mixing console delivering sound in the main worship center for Sunday worship services, as well as live stream broadcast and monitors. Controls overall volume level in the worship center, and mixes the audio from multiple sources, including the band (instrumentalists and vocalists), computers, and pastors/other speakers. Previous experience with audio engineering a plus but not required. Training provided.

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live service producer

The person steering the ship and making sure the entire service runs flawlessly. Keeps all the production positions together by cueing service elements and transitions. Also assists in making last minute service flow and experience decisions.

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photo + Video

photo team

Our team of volunteer photgraphers are responsible for shooting inspiring photos to be used in our weekend experience and social media.  If you have your own gear and experience in this area, we would love for you to join us.

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Video Team

Our video and film team are responsible for capturing inspiring video of our weekend services, as well as events throughout the week, and turning that footage into captivating and engaging visual stories used on social media and Sunday services. Owning your own equipment isn’t required, but it’s awesome if you do! Prior filming and/or editing experience is preferred, but not required.

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blog writing

Are you a gifted writer with a heart for helping and inspiring people? Whether it’s a personal story, or an encouraging word, we’d love for you to share your gift with our NorthStar family on our blog. This is on your own time from home.

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Social Media

Engage with others on our social media platforms, and “live sent” in the digital spaces! This can be done on your own time from home.

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Sunday service ONLINE host

Initiating Gospel Relationships through Technology. Join the E-Team as a chat host where we serve over 500 people weekly online through the Church Online Platform! No training is needed. This is where high-tech meets high-touch. Come welcome, pray, and connect with people as they take their first step or their next step with Jesus!

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sermon notes + App

If you are skilled at data entry this is an opportunity to help us keep our sermon notes up to date on our app.

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Care + Prayer

prayer team

Do you have a heart for prayer and for other people? Whether you join our Sunday morning prayer team, interceding for the services before they begin, or pray weekly in your own home over the prayer requests and needs of our church, there is a specific need you could meet simply through the power of prayer!

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Care team

Do you love people? This group delivers gifts to people who are hurting throughout the year. Valentine's day, mother's day, etc.

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funeral team

One of the most wonderful ways to show the love of Jesus, is to love on people when they are hurting. On this team, we greet people at doors and parking lot, show them where to walk, attend the guest book and love on the family who is hurting.

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ministry team

Has the Lord brought you through a loss or difficult time in your life? It may have been cancer, heart surgery or the death of a loved one. If you are ready to help someone else through their loss or difficult time this is great place to start.

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card team

This team sends cards of encouragement to people in our church who are going through a difficult time. (Most of the cards are hand made by our Cards of Compassion ministry!)

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Coffee run team

Once a month, Northstar loves on the patients and nurses at the Kennestone Cancer Infusion Center by serving Starbucks coffee.

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Community + Missions

Local Community

There are many different ways you can help serve our local community: School Partners, Senior Adults Ministry, City Outreach, and MUST/Extension.

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global missions

NorthStar partners with organizations all over the world to serve those less fortunate and bring them the message of Christ. We have several trips per year and need teams to help serve on these trips.

Check out the trips
Not Sure? Help!

Not ready to commit to team but would like help out occasionally? Click below to see our upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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Campus support

facilities + trades

Help us beautify the campus on Sunday before the services, and help inspect/clean, as needed. It may involve sweeping front door mats, vacuuming rugs, maybe some spot mopping and keep the restrooms tidy (be responsible for checking bathrooms for paper supplies, making sure dispensers are working and stocked, wiping down the counters and checking trash levels).

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