Why Serve?

Making a Difference Where We Live

Within a 10 minute drive of our campus 85% of people do not attend church anywhere. Our goal from Day One was to be the first call for help in our community. We’re honored to partner with the cities of Acworth and Kennesaw, as well as organizations, schools, local government and businesses to meet needs and provide hope! You can help people in our community find their way home.


From serving coffee to chemo patients to Bingo with the Grandparents, we want to love on individuals in our community.


We send volunteers and supplies to many local organizations so they have the resources needed to help people seeking assistance.


Working closely with school booster clubs, social workers, principals and other staff, we help make a difference in our local schools.

Local Government

We have the opportunity to help with social programs such as baseball for special needs children and field trips for kids from low income families.

How Can I Help?

We are constantly needing volunteers for an array of community events throughout the year and we’d love to have you serve with us! In addition, we’re always looking to help those in our community who find themselves in need.

Big Give

Night to Shine

Each February here at NorthStar we have the privilege of hosting Night to Shine for our community of individuals with special needs. This month’s Big Give will support this year’s event by providing items through an Amazon shopping list to be placed in swag bags that will be handed out to each special guest that night.


What is BeBold?

In 2012, NorthStar realized that $547,000 a year was going to nothing more building debt retirement. Out of that was birthed the Bold campaign, which raised capital to go toward eradicating the building debt currently owe – totaling $850,000 and take the money spent on debt retirement and go directly to meeting needs, blessing our community and blessing our world in greater ways!

As of August 2018 the debt was completely paid off, freeing up $45,000 per month. The BeBold Global Impact Program was created by NorthStar and local community leaders to help figure out who exactly we’re going to bless. BeBold is about changing lives for the Gospel. Through our BeBold campaign, NorthStar is trying our best to honor the sacrifices made to get us here and make a difference in as many different ways as possible.

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