Why We Give

We exist to help people find their way home and become grace-centered, servant-minded and outward-focused. Every single penny given goes directly to impacting and rescuing people. Weekly, life-change is happening in small groups across our area. Our Big Give takes a different need every month and meets it, no matter how big or small. Our Care Ministry partners with countless families providing meals and counseling. Thousands of children and students are being poured into every month in hopes of creating and fostering ambassadors of Christ in this generation – and these are just a few examples of how we’re partnering with people. We don’t just talk about rescuing people, we’re living this out.

What is Tithing?

Tithing is a way to worship God, because it shows Him that we trust His provision in our lives. “Tithe” means ten percent, which is the portion of our income that we give to God to say thank you for all He has given us. God doesn’t need our money, He wants our trust, and trusting Him with our finances is a great way to demonstrate our dependence on Him.

How Much is my Tithe?

Enter the amount you were paid before taxes or anything else was taken out of your paycheck.

Ways to Give

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Other Ways to Give

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Donate stock through our chosen broker, Edward Jones.
Email Jamie Maddox for account specifics.

What is BeBold?

In 2012, NorthStar realized that $547,000 a year was going to nothing more building debt retirement. Out of that was birthed the Bold campaign, which raised capital to go toward eradicating the building debt currently owe – totaling $850,000 and take the money spent on debt retirement and go directly to meeting needs, blessing our community and blessing our world in greater ways!

As of August 2018 the debt was completely paid off, freeing up $45,000 per month. The BeBold Global Impact Program was created by NorthStar and local community leaders to help figure out who exactly we’re going to bless. BeBold is about changing lives for the Gospel. Through our BeBold campaign, NorthStar is trying our best to honor the sacrifices made to get us here and make a difference in as many different ways as possible.

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