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Helping parents find intentionality and community from the very first moments.
A place for expectant moms

What is
the Nest?

The Nest is a place for expecting moms (both through pregnancy and adoption) to gather together and build community. Our intention is to partner with you from the very beginning so that you can create as many intentional moments with your baby as possible. We want this to be a breath of fresh air to moms both new and seasoned, a place for asking hard questions, a place for having hard conversations, and a place for experiencing the joy of each and every moment. As a part of this ministry, you will have the opportunity to participate in community building brunches, learn how to be intentional with your time, as well as get all the information you need to feel confident leaving your child in our care from the start.
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meet other moms like you

moms brunch

The Expecting Moms Brunch is an opportunity to meet other mom’s in the same walk of life as you. We will gather together for a morning of laughter and relationship building as we shower you with love.
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meet + greet

The Nursery Meet and Greet gives expecting mom’s the opportunity to meet our incredible every-week volunteers, check out our classrooms, and learn our policies and procedures to give you the confidence you need to go to service with no distractions.
celebrate your baby's birth


The Birthday Celebration Brunch is a brunch for the whole family. Once baby arrives, come join us for a celebration brunch where you will receive a meaningful gift that will help you to be intentional with every moment from the very beginning of your child’s life.
start off on the right foot


Baby Dedication is an event held on Sunday mornings where you as the parent(s) make the decision to dedicate your child back to the Lord and to be intentional as parents about raising your child in a home that is centered and focused on Christ.
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